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Fraternal Greetings and Welcome to Our Official Home Page

Right Eminent Grand Commander Richard Kerimoglu
Sir Knight Richard Kerimoglu
Right Eminent Grand Commander
2016 - 2017

General Order #1

The Commander of each Commandery is hereby ordered to read this General Order at the first Conclave following receipt:

General Order #1

St. Georges Pilgrimage

On March 12th St. Georges Commandery #37 held their annual pilgrimage. Which was to say the least, a great success. With a total of 117 knights and candidates. Seven Grand Line members. And a past Grand Commander of NY, and a member of the Grand Line of Vermont. On that day 58 where Knight by the Grand Commander of NY. All welcomed by the Sir Knights of St. George #37. To the surprise of most many of the new knights stayed after to gain information about how to get uniforms, swords, and chapeaus. St. Georges wishes to thank all who worked so hard. The Grand Commander spoke about his pride in how New York is taking a proactive in bring in candidates. And in the many commanderys doing orders. That they have not done in years. We are getting prepared across New York to gain in our membership and prove ourselves competent.


2016-2017 Roster

The Red Book is available in the Recorder's Section.

All requests for Official Information should be addressed to:
Grand Recorder S.K. Steven Wing, K.C.T., R.E.P.G.C.
E-mail: Blisswings@gmail.com

* Please send any corrections needed to webmaster@grandcommanderyktny.org